Absolute Leppard Tribute is a tribute band that faithfully recreates the show of platinum rockers Def Leppard with attention to detail. ENERGYCOSTUME CHANGESEMOTION in the executions, MUSICIANSHIP and audience INTERACTION are the features that make an ALT show the most complete Def Leppard tribute experience on the market.

Def Leppard’s albums Pyromania and Hysteria influence the sound of modern pop and rock even today. Moreover, they are both certified Diamond Albums. Pyromania sold 10 million copies in the US. Hysteria: 12 million in US and 25 million worldwide). Secondly, not even Bon Jovi or U2 got two Diamond Albums each in their long careers. Most importantly, even a casual music lover would recognize 10 to 13 songs from the Def Leppard repertoire.

Do you wanna get rocked? Start by watching our promo video and get pulled into the world of Absolute Leppard.

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Our new promo is out!

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Rock or class? … or both?

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The Stage show postponed

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Woodlawn Beach show cancelled

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