Def Leppard to be inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
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It’s official, DEF LEPPARD are 2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees!

“Never, ever, ever underestimate us!” – Joe Elliott

We join most fans in saying “About time”! Def Leppard has been such a staple in the development of modern pop and rock music that they just couldn’t be left out of Cleveland’s world famous museum of rock & roll.

Even though they’re as healthy as ever as a band and they don’t seem to be willing to retire any time soon, we are honored to keep their legacy alive, now and for the future.

We also feel blessed and stoked by the recent turn of events that seems to help the awareness and growth of our two sister bands, Absolute Journey and Absolute Leppard: first Journey inducted in the Hall of Fame in 2017, then Journey & Def Leppard toured together in 2018, selling out stadiums again and finally the induction of Def Leppard in the Rock Hall as well for 2019. We are even more surprised by the fact that we chose to form this tribute to Def Leppard just a couple months before the Def Leppard and Journey 2018 tour was announced. “Don’t stop believin” seems to be the code word here (pun indended)!

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